Aquaman first image of the trailer
Aquaman first image of the trailer

After the stony road that supposed ‘Justice League’, all the hopes in the DC film universe are set in ‘Aquaman‘, where for the first time, fans can visit and know Atlantis much more in depth than in the previous. Before the imminent arrival of the trailer in the Comic Con of San Diego, James Wan has revealed a new image of the film in the post-production room.

“Working at odd hours to finalize the details for this week !!” , is the text with which Wan accompanies the photo. In this, we can see Aquaman (Jason Momoa) with a suit similar to the comic, with cape and trident included. It seems that Arthur is controlling not only the sea, but a few whales. As fans have not been slow to point, the sequence resembles a comic panel in which makes sharks devour the villains on duty.

The information about the movie is coming with dropper, at least until the Comic Con, and the photo is an advance trailer that will be displayed in the DC panel. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Wan said that the film would be very different from everything we had seen in DC until now, to the point that it seems like a film completely removed from that universe.

How to bring Atlantis to life?

Underwater realms, sharks, giant squids, sea dragons, animals obeying Arthur Curry… Without a doubt, ‘Aquaman‘ is the movie of superheroes that has the most fantasy touches so far, and make them realistic is a challenge. In one of his tweets, the director says they used prosthetic makeup on the actors who then digitally improved when creating the scenarios.

James Wan will change the rules imposed in ‘Justice League’. As he commented on Twitter, one of the changes he has made has been to eliminate the effect of air bubbles for the characters to talk underwater“People are giving you too many laps, they’re just going to talk!”, was the answer that gave to the doubts that arose later to the fans, because the atlantes do not need air to speak. It seems that James Wan knows what he is doing, and both Aquaman and Atlantis are in good hands.

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First images of ‘Aquaman’

1Jason Momoa is Aquaman

2Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is Black Manta

3Patrick Wilson is the King Orm

4Amber Heard is Mera

5Nicole Kidman is Queen Atlanna

6James Wan with Jason Momoa and Amber Heard

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