Apps to cure cancer
Apps to cure cancer

On countless occasions we have spoken to you about the value that mobile applications have in the lives of users. And in the apps stores we find tools that can make life easier, even for people with a certain degree of disability.

However, there are those who abuse the need and trust placed by users in the applications, and take advantage of this to develop services (sometimes for payment) that promise to improve our health, resulting in complete fraud and above all, a risk for those who trust

32.99 euros to cure cancer

We have browsed the main application stores to show you some examples of apps that promise to be a cure or at least, a remedy for different types of ailments and we have come across the most disparate things: from innocuous applications with the name ” clickbait ” (They add in their name the word “cure” but afterwards they are only a guide with natural remedies) to others that directly promise to cure us in exchange for an amount per discharge.

In the first case we have for example, an application that is sold as “the cure against urine infection” and as we say is nothing more than a guide with data on symptoms or natural remedies. However, in this same bag we find another with a somewhat harder name: “Cancer cure“.

According to its own description, this application proposes ideas to prevent and live with cancer, but says nothing about “cure”(obviously). However, his name is a perfect hook for people who, unfortunately, have to live this terrible disease up close, and who can end up unloading it in the face of despair, and consequently, paying the 32.99 euros it costs.

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Cure allergy with an app

But this thing of healing things does not only remain in what we have just seen. And is that just to write the term “cure” in the application search, we stumbled face to face with a catalog of curanderas apps. One of them is AlergiaStop, another payment app (19.99 euros) that promises to cure pollen allergy.

According to its description, the application shows us how to cure allergy using the Indalo Codex method, a method that we will not judge here, but if we take a look at some information about it, we will see that it has no medical or scientific basis.

Allergies aside, we have also found a whole range of applications that, through audio files that supposedly induce hypnosis, promise to cure insomnia, migrainelose weight and even improve our social skills or lose the fear of speaking in public.

The App Store is not recognized. 🙁
The App Store is not recognized. 🙁

Before downloading, go to the doctor

But this of the applications that promise to cure things is not something new. In 2011, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States, removed several fraudulent applications of Google Play or App Store, including several that were sold as a cure for acne.

So as we see, this has been happening for some time and it is possible that it continues like this, because the picaresque world is nothing new. Therefore, as consumers, the best way we can protect ourselves is to use logic and in case of any doubt about our health, consult with specialists.

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