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applications cover image

Look no further, here are all. The best Android applications gathered in one place. The best of the best for your mobile or tablet, the apps your smartphone needs, the ones you need.

The mobile applications revolution exploded and now we would not know how to imagine our day to day lives without them. Android applications are counted in millions and every day Google Play, the official Android application store created by Google, adds thousands and thousands of new creations from developers around the world.

Apps to edit photos, applications to communicate, games, productivity apps, news applications, applications to spend jokes, to listen to music or to check your bank account. There are Android apps for everything you can imagine and, when you think they can no longer surprise you, you will find a new one that will captivate you.

How to discover new Android applications? That’s what we are for. We love apps, we are excited, we are experts and every day we discover tools of all kinds to make our lives easier.

Do not lose sight of this page, it is continually updated with essential applications for mobile, design apps, for the home, for flirting, applications to find new places to eat and drink, utilities to buy, entertainment and finance applications, sports , navigation and maps, meteorology, travel and much more.

If something stands out Android is in its ability to personalize, so the tools and apps to fully customize your mobile are very present in these articles. And that without forgetting the new wave of applications that comes, especially thinking about wearables, Android Wear, the Internet of Things and the connected home.

Get comfortable, turn on the WiFi and enjoy downloading new Android applications.