iPhone Matrix Code Exploit
iPhone Matrix Code Exploit

The iOS jailbreak has been one of the most frequent topics on the platform for years. With Apple trying everything to prevent it and with developers looking for any new method to get it, it is a practice that has divided the user community for a long time. Now, with its use plummeting, Apple warns of the dangers of doing so.

For a while Apple has a dedicated support page for jailbreaking, unauthorized modifications of iOS, as they call them. Recently it has been updated adding new consequences that this practice can have on iPhone or iPad.

Security failures, instability and battery consumption among other things

The Apple support page collects a series of the most common problems and consequences of jailbreaking on an iPhone or iPad. While you have the advantage of making changes to the device, add tools and functions that Apple does not incorporate or install free applications – although of course nobody does jailbreak for free applications – the disadvantages are much greater. These are the main problems that Apple has found in users who have made changes in iOS:

  • Security vulnerabilities.
  • Instability.
  • Reduction of battery life.
  • Voice communication and unreliable data transmission.
  • Interruptions of services.
  • Inability to install future software updates.

You can read the full article on the support page explaining each of these problems in more detail.

Without the original purposes, without a community behind them

Fortunately, the good jailbreak times have been left behind and in the latest versions of iOS we have practically not had any stable and decent jailbreak method. Apple and other companies have waged a constant struggle against these practices based on buying from developers, to create increasingly difficult barriers to penetrate and offer more versatile features in the operating system.

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In the past, when iOS was an operating system with only a few years of life and limited in features, it was understandable (not justifiable) the existence of the jailbreak community. Today Apple offers a much more open operating system and full of features so that the user does not feel the need to jailbreak.

The few users who still seek to jailbreak their devices cling to the nostalgia of better times. Meanwhile, all the large Cydia repositories close. And from time to time, the developers announce that they have achieved a new method to jailbreak, without releasing it for the whole community and just making noise, with the hope that Apple will buy them that method and earn a reward for it.


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