The Apple Watch patent
The Apple Watch patent

First patent discovered post-WWDC 2018. Apple does not stop, and this time we get a new document in which you can see a blood pressure meter that could benefit from the Apple Watch. How? Riding like a bracelet around him, like a strap.

Surely at some point you have measured blood pressure with one of those bracelets that swell in the forearm, or at least you have seen how it is done. The patent bracelet would do the same, swelling but in the area of ​​the wrist where you would put the Apple watch.

The first entirely sanitary device from Apple

The device would be designed for use in hospitals and health care centers, or at a particular level in the case of a user who frequently needs to measure his blood pressure. It would be, as they reflect from AppleInsider, the first Apple device purely oriented to health and not the end user.

Can we see something about it with the arrival of a new Apple Watch that changes slightly in design? The patent is from the year 2016, so maybe this fall we will see big steps in the health field from Cupertino.

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