Apple Maps
Apple Maps

Apple Maps is expanding its possibilities thanks to the landing on the web. Through a new tool, developers can insert maps of Apple Maps in their web pages, so that users can use Apple maps as opposed to Google Maps or Bing Maps. A new tool that has been presented in this WWDC 2018.

So far, we had a few maps of Apple on the web, but were limited to the online website of Find my iPhone on and the odd other official Apple website. There was not however a tool that allowed any web developer to insert their own map. With MapKit JS, a new feature introduced during this WWDC 2018, developers will be able to create their own widgets with custom Apple maps to insert into HTML pages.

MapKit JS, the Apple Maps API for iOS brought to JavaScript

The tool works similar to MapKit, the API for iOS that allows Apple Maps to be inserted in third-party applications. With MapKit JS, you can create a defined area of ​​the map on which to display locations, navigation directions and more. Actually, the only difference as such is that MapKit JS is an API that runs in JavaScript, while MapKit runs directly in iOS applications.

It is interesting that developers can also add annotations, overlays to the map to customize it or change from standard to satellite view for example. In terms of compatibility, MapKit JS allows you to use touch screen gestures such as pinch to zoom or rotate with two fingers. For less compatible browsers, MapKit JS automatically creates a display mode by mosaics of images, making it compatible.

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The requirement to insert an Apple Maps map on the web is to have a developer account to obtain a key with which to use the beta version of MapKit JS. There is a limitation of free use of 250,000 initializations of maps per key per day, as well as 25,000 service requests that cover geocoding and searches, developers that require higher assignments should contact Apple for this.

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