Apple Maps
Apple Maps

A few hours ago we told you that Apple wanted to get the permits of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to do their own experiments with drones. Well, according to Reuters, the apple company has confirmed its plans, saying it plans to use drones to collect data and improve Apple Maps.

In addition to confirming his plans, Apple said his position on privacy will remain the same. Due to the above, the company indicated that it will erase each and every one of the faces and plates before publishing the images captured by its drones.

“Apple is committed to protecting the privacy of people, including the processing of these data to blur faces and plates before publication,”the company said. By capturing aerial images with drones, the Apple company could be more easily able to detect inconsistencies and other factors that affect Apple Maps information.

The Cupertino firm was not the only one that confirmed these plans. Reuters says the state of North Carolina also confirmed that Apple was included in its successful bid to launch a drone pilot test program. State spokesmen said Apple has added to this offer, saying it will use drone testing in North Carolina to improve Apple Maps with aerial images.

Will he obtain the permits?

As mentioned recently, getting the permits to do your own experiments with drones will not be an easy task. Remember that there have been 200 requests from many companies and the US government will only give special permits to ten of them, who can fly their drones at night, over people or even without the drone having to be in the field of vision of the pilot.

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