Traditional Credit Card
Traditional Credit Card

The Wall Street Journal has dropped the bomb and 9to5Mac has reflected it: according to the media, Apple would have proposed to the bank Goldman Sachs to create a proper credit card suitable for use with Apple Pay. This would begin to be offered to the American public as of the beginning of 2019. At the moment the negotiations to define the advantages of this card for the clients would continue in march while I write these lines.

Among these advantages, apparently, a series of advantages at the time of getting loans and credits to purchase Apple products. There is already something similar with a card called Barclaycard, but negotiations with Goldman Sachs would imply a card for the Apple Pay service.

More than a traditional credit card

The idea, in addition to getting an own card with the support of Goldman Sachs, would also include certain details that would push it as an interesting card for all Apple fans. In fact the source indicates that it could even be an exclusive card for use in the Wallet application , so that only the owners of an iPhone could use it.

Following the steps taken by Apple with its person-to-person payments platform Apple Pay Cash, this would be a further step towards becoming a financial solution little by little. We assume that as time goes by we will see more details.

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