Anti-mosquitoes of Mercadona
Anti-mosquitoes of Mercadona

Along with sunburn and suffocating heat, mosquito bites complete the trident of all the bad things that summer can bring. If you are one of the unfortunate ones that go unnoticed by these avid animals, you are in luck, but if not, you know what is dawn riddled and eager to scratch everywhere.

For the latter, the anti-mosquito protectors can be a relief to the problem. But, do they really work? Let’s take a look at the ones Mercadona offers (here we review some natural remedies) to see if you can trust them to protect you at night.

The citronella bracelets

plastic bracelet as an anti-mosquito remedy… does it make sense? The key is citronella, an oil that is extracted from several plants and has a characteristic citrus smell. It is a widely used remedy against mosquitoes and other insects, and nevertheless, science questions it as an effective repellent method: its effect is less than 20 minutes.

In addition, using a wristband further reduces its effect: to work, mosquitoes must be less than 4 centimeters from citronella and other natural repellents, so with a bracelet we would be leaving the rest of the body unprotected.

Anti-mosquito candle

Another product offered by Mercadona with anti-mosquito candles. They mention citronella aroma (of temporary efficacy and spatially questioned) but the active principle anti-mosquito is actually transfluthrin, a volatile repellent suitable for use indoors.

In any case, the candle will only be effective by keeping mosquitoes away while it is lit and in the vicinity of the flame, so do not be too confident.

Liquid or Green Forest Pills replacements

Another format of repellent that can be purchased at Mercadona is that of the electrical device that is complemented with liquid or pill spare parts.

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In both cases, the main component is praletrin, a common insecticide to fight against mosquitoes in the home environment and also of priority use against wasps. It acts by attacking the nervous system of insects.

In any case, keep in mind that they only work while they are plugged in and working , and that if you only connect them at night, they will not do much against the tiger mosquito, which is mainly diurnal.

Anti-mosquito barrier spray

In this case, it is a product that is sprayed on windows and doors and creates a barrier to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house, leaving us alone.

This product contains both praletrin and transfluthrin to intensify its effect, but it lasts only 8 hours, so if you plan on spending all day with the windows open, be sure to repeat your application when necessary. After each application, allow 3 to 5 minutes to pass before entering the room in question.

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