Android P launches 157 new emojis
Android P launches 157 new emojis

The second beta version of Android P, which for a few hours is available to download for the Google Pixel, receives a new wave of emojis. Specifically, it includes 157 new emojis.

The 157 new emojis of Android P belong to the new version Emoji 11.0 of the Unicode standard, but we also find that the emojis inclusive return to Android and other small changes in the design of other emojis.

Neutral gender

With the launch of Android Oreo, Google said goodbye to the blobs emoji, emojis with drop design that had no gender, and that with the new design went to show the versions of men and women.

Well, now with the new neutral gender emojis return the inclusive emojis to Android. So if you do not identify with a man or a woman you will find new emojis that represent an inclusive gender family and an inclusive gender couple in which there is no gender. The haircut is neutral.

New emojis

Among the 157 new emojis we find a frozen face, a warm face, a smiling face with three hearts, a festive face, a handle, a skateboard or skateboard, a llama, a ball of wool, a lettuce, feet, toilet paper, A hippopotamus and much more.

There are also red-haired emojis, with curly hair, with white or bald hair. In this way they are united to the brown and blond of short or long hair.


In Android P Beta 2 we also find several emojis redesigned. They are the following:

  • The dagger has gained sparkles and a decorative gem in the handle.

  • The green salad removes the egg to become a vegan salad.
  The technology news of the week

  • The goat stops frowning to have a less aggressive appearance.

  • The violin now includes a chin guard.

  • The turtle is now more alert with eyes wide open.

  • The gun stops to be an orange fluorescent toy.

  • The cricket is now a cricket and not a grasshopper.

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