Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Always look perfect in Instagram images has a trick. Sometimes it is a matter of taking a good stride to look taller in the portraits, others of choosing a contrapicado so that the mane gains volume. Go, use the ingenuity to dispense with Photoshop and achieve the best result. Something that also applies to real life and that many actresses and singers try to normalize. The last one to do it was Jennifer Lopez who, in a little carelessness in showing a dance step on The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres’ show, unveiled her Spanx, one of the best-known girdle brands in the market.

The singer, who at first seemed to feel a bit embarrassed, fixed her dress, continued with the dance as if nothing had happened. It is not the first time that the singer has suffered this type of carelessness showing that her great figure had a little help, which has been providing the signature for 18 years on the red carpet. In fact, on more than one occasion he has recognized that both in his concerts and in his day to day use this type of garment to feel more comfortable.

@JLo looks amazing even when she’s fixing her Spanx. @neyo @derekhough @jennadewan

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But it is not the only one. A couple of years ago the singer Lily Allen published in her Instagram account an image in which she showed her trick before she put on a red carpet dress. On more than one occasion, Kim Kardashian has also shown in this way that one of her best allies to show her curvaceous figure is this accessory. And Gwyneth Paltrow has assured full of pride, on numerous occasions, that she always uses a red carpet girdle because “it’s just a wonderful help”. An opinion that also Jessica Alba, Miley Cryus, Miranda Lambert or Kris Jenner share. They all add up to an increasingly long list of celebrities who boast of their tricks to stylize the silhouette.

Although perhaps the most striking example is that of Kylie Jenner who has confessed countless times his taste for belts. One of them in her social networks, when an infinity of fans asked her how she managed to have such a molded figure, to which she responded without doubting that it was “thanks to Spanx”. Among his latest polemics has also strained this element, although it is a postpartum belt designed to improve posture, provide support to the lumbar and, of course, reshape the waist. Although she has suffered a lot of criticism for using this accessory that could harm health in some way, the truth is that Kylie has not hesitated to teach it and to show that for her that of condemning the strip to remain hidden is something of the past.

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