WhatsApp Ads active in 2019
WhatsApp Ads active in 2019

Many of us are expectant about how ads will be included in WhatsApp. Facebook wants to monetize your application, which is understandable, and we are all nervous to know if Facebook, knowing the hand it has, gets a lot or too much publicity.

Now, a technological means called TechCrunch, assures us that not only do we already have an idea of ​​how this advertising will be implemented, but we also have the date: in the year 2019. Let’s see it more closely.

Advertising on WhatsApp in the year 2019

This advertising that TechCrunch talks about would be implemented in the WhatsApp states. These commercial states would be shown among those of friends and family, in the own tab of the app. With a link integrated in the state we could access that offer directly, or your web page.

According to the same WhatsApp, they want to put the announcements in the states in the year 2019. They want to do it in a slow and progressive way, informing the user of this measure. It is logical, given the anger that could be produced by users to this measure.

Is it bad that there are ads on WhatsApp?

The big question is: is it really bad that there are ads in the application? We already see ads on a daily basis on other social networks. Without going any further, we have commercial stories on Instagram in addition to posts sponsored by influencers. In the same Twitter we see offers and promotions in our timeline. What happens then with WhatsApp?

Here in WhatsApp comes the factor of privacy.It is not the same a social network in which you use a profile that you can create as you want that one in which we use our personal number and in which we talk with friends, family, and so on. The feeling of interference by advertising is much greater in a social network of instant messaging than in another.

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In addition, there is the satiety. We see advertising in practically every possible place, and a space without advertising is almost a gift today. Having publicity even in this app that we use daily and above in our states, mirror of our friendships, is already possibly filling the glass. On the other hand WhatsApp must take advantage of its application, so that part is understandable.

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