Adobe will launch the full version of Photoshop on iPad: will it also reach Android?
Adobe will launch the full version of Photoshop on iPad: will it also reach Android?

full version of Photoshop for iPad would be one of the great novelties to be presented by Adobe during the next months, and that users of Apple’s iPad will be able to enjoy from 2019.

According to Bloomberg, Adobe is developing a multiplatform Photoshop application for iOS, described as a full version of the popular image editing program currently used by professionals and amateurs on their desktop and laptop computers.

The presentation of Photoshop for the iPad would happen during a dedicated event next October, although it would not be available until 2019 given that certain aspects are still being polished.

Unlike what we currently have with different applications with Photoshop functions in the App Store, here we would be talking about a full version of Photoshop that we all know, but adapted to the iPad. In this way, Photoshop for the iPad would be included as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that starts at $ 9.99 per month.

But the thing is not there, since the same source also says that Adobe plans to launch its other creative applications for the iPad, although they would go beyond 2019. However, it is assured that there is an Illustrator version in development. iPad, although still in a very early stage of development.

The Cupertino have promoted the iPad Pro as a rival worthy of PC for quite some time, and even in some cases have been positioned technologically above. Even so, the professional photographer-lover continues to use Photoshop on his life-long computer, something that could change with the release of this version for the iPad.

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