Eating Chocolate
Eating Chocolate

The dream of many would be to be able to stuff themselves with chocolate without caring much if it makes us fat or not. In this article we told you about the benefits it produces in our body when we consume it, and a new study reaffirms its powers. We tell you all the details of this research and what kind of chocolate you should eat.

Positive effects on our brain

The study was presented during the Experimental Biology 2018 in San Diego, lasting five days and occupying two reports that expose the impact produced by the intake of cocoa tablets in humans. Of course, not any chocolate is valid, it must have a large concentration of cocoa.

They found positive effects for memory, reduces the level of stress, improves mood, relieves inflammation, improves our immune system. You could say that it is a food that should not be missing in our diet, provided that we take it in moderate quantities and with a percentage of cocoa greater than 70%.
Lee S. Berk, a psychoneuroimmunology and food science researcher and creator of the study, commented that “these studies show us that the higher the concentration of cocoa, the more positive the effect on cognition, memory, mood and immunity, in addition to other beneficial effects.”

Chocolate with 70% cocoa, minimum

The chocolate bars that we find in supermarkets usually have sugar as the main ingredient. Those who do not care about their health, when choosing a tablet always go to chocolate milk, with cookies, white chocolate, etc. This type of chocolates have a tiny amount of cocoa, so they do not give us any benefits.

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This research focused on chocolates with 70% cocoa and found effects on human immune and dendritic cells, being anti-inflammatory and providing a large amount of flavonoids (antioxidants).

To know what the effects were, they waited for the electroencephalographic response of 48 grams of bitter chocolate after 30 minutes and 120 minutes. Thus it was shown that it is able to regulate the immune cellular response, the signal pathways between cells and sensory perception.

The research and its results have attracted so much attention that the researcher himself is preparing to study the mechanisms that can affect behavior, the cause and effect relationship between the brain and cocoa in this high concentration.


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