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Standard Desktop Medium Retina

Do you remember the buzzing, talking to up to five people in different windows and collecting emoticons? The MSN is back.

The developer Welbert Moreira launched a chat so you can keep in touch with your friends and family, reminiscent of Microsoft’s classic communication application, but with the latest technological developments.

This application, called CLM-Chat Live Messenger, is available, for now, only for phones with Android system. It can be downloaded for free in the Play Store.

“How beautiful it is to remember and this application is exactly what it does… It brings you back in time and makes you feel in the 2000s. It’s a pity that this app is still missing…”, said José Andrés López Huerta, a user who downloaded the app and left his comment in Play Store.

The developer points out in the Play Store page, that CLM has message encryption from end to end so “neither we will know the content of their messages,” he says.

Through this app, users can send images, videos, winks and more multimedia content.

The MSN Messenger was a messaging program created by Microsoft in 1999, although it was replaced in 2005 by Windows Live Messenger.

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