The new secret of Selena Gomez to have a radiant skin
The new secret of Selena Gomez to have a radiant skin

Selena Gómez has an unparalleled natural beauty in addition to maintaining a healthy mental life, she also cares about caring for her skin in a very meticulous way. But his secret is not any cream or facial oil, it’s a stone.

It is a heart-shaped rose quartz from the Kora Organics line, a brand created by the renowned model Miranda Kerr. And it was she herself who reposted a video of Selena Gomez’s personal makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, showing how the singer uses it on her face.

What does he do?

Massaging the face from the bottom up with this Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor deflates and stimulates circulation to obtain that natural glow, improves circulation and tone of the skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, also promotes lymphatic drainage to help eliminate the toxins. It is used after placing your oil or moisturizing serum so that they absorb quickly in your skin.

It also helps relieve tension, stress and anxiety, increases self-esteem and promotes feelings of well-being.

It has a cost of one thousand Mexican pesos and you can buy it through its official website, they have shipments to the whole world.

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