Samsung Galaxy Note8 Display
Samsung Galaxy Note8 Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be one of the best phones in Samsung’s history, but, as usual, the Koreans maintain their usual secrecy regarding their end of the year range, and at the moment we do not know much about this terminal.

However, during these last months, the leaks have been happening in such a way that we already started to know some details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9which, it seems, will bring many changes with respect to the S-Pen and now it has leaked a Promotional poster of the Korean smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a golden S-Pen for Samsung’s brightest mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Note is, every year, the most special terminal of Samsung, and, despite the fact that it comes out in the second half of the year, it is usually the one with the most prominence. And it is not for less, since it is a vitamin version of the Galaxy S of the beginning of the year.

If we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is about to come out, we have to highlight that the section that more importance seems to have given Samsung is the S-Pen, which is the most differentiating of this family of terminals.

The sign that Ice Universe has just filtered is good proof of that. In this, we can see how the Samsung stylus takes great prominence. In addition, it is the first time that we are going to see a Samsung Galaxy Note with an S-Pen of different color than the terminal, and this is something that we find wonderful. If something Samsung has shown is that they know how to make good designs, and this terminal is not going to be an exception

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Regarding the back of the terminal, we can see that Samsung returns to the horizontal layout of the rear double camera, and that places the fingerprint reader under this double camera. And, for another generation, the Samsung Galaxy Note will have a headphone jack, located, as usual, in the lower part of the terminal.

What do you think of these first images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

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