Jon Snow and Ygritte Game of Thrones
Jon Snow and Ygritte Game of Thrones

A love story with a happy ending. Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie met on the set of Game of Thrones and were deeply in love.

They began their relationship in 2012 while recording the second season of GOT, when they announced their courtship fans of the series burst with emotion and even more to reveal their intentions to go to the altar.

The actors of John Snow and Ygritte finally unveiled the date on which they will walk next to the altar if they will say to each other “Yes, I accept”, causing a total hysteria among his followers because there is less than a month left.

The day chosen by both was on June 23 and the ceremony will be held in a beautiful castle located in Scotland, “as worthy characters of Game of Thrones.”

This castle is part of one of the properties of Seb Leslie, father of Rose, which is located in the West Garioch region of northeastern Scotland.

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