Block an iPhone when writing this word or emoji
Block an iPhone when writing this word or emoji

The iPhone is one of the best selling devices in the world, and one of the markets where Apple has wanted to hit hard is China, however, for a company to market in China needs the approval of the government, and meet their expectations is often not easy, it could even be that companies have to go against their own values ​​to enter this market.

And is that with the latest bug discovered by security researcher Patrick Wardle, iOS has a serious error that allows you to block the device with just write a word or place an emoji, the funny thing about this issue is not the block, but the word and the emoji in question, a situation that makes us think that all this is the work of the Chinese government.

It turns out that in any iPhone with iOS 11.3 or lower version was blocked when the word “Taiwan” was written, or when the emoji of the flag of this country was placed. However, this bug has already been fixed in iOS 11.4.1, although Apple does not say why this error was caused.

For those who do not know, between Taiwan and China things are not simple, because Taiwan is declared as independent, and apart, as the government of all China. On the other hand, China says that Taiwan is part of its extensive territory, which is why both governments are always in a constant dispute.

What is even more strange is that Patrick Wardle mentions that one way to solve the bug was by changing the region of the iPhone to China and then returning to our country.

This situation, together with the lack of clarity on the part of Apple to specify why this happened precisely with the word Taiwan has led the researcher to think that this is one of the ways in which Apple yielded to the demands of the Chinese government for be able to enter the main and largest Asian market.

In China this type of censorship is common, so much so that it is not even possible to use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube in this country.

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