Tips to take care of short hair
Tips to take care of short hair

The short hair also needs care to make it look fabulous, so here we bring you some tips so you can show off in a spectacular way.

1. Moisten it: Moistening it with an atomizer before brushing and styling it will make it have more volume and more body without needing to put so much product.

2. Wax: No matter how short your cut, the wax will always help to comb the baby hair in a simpler way.

3. Softener: shampoos, conditioners and combs that contain softeners are your best friend to prevent your haircut from looking like a helmet for being short and fluffy.

4. Bye Dryer: Avoid it as much as you can, as it will curl your horrible hair instead of giving you volume. It is recommended that the volume you give it yourself with your fingers and some cream to comb.

5. Change the partition: It is well known that short hair combs the hair, but if you make the line in the same way can be boring. We recommend you get used to your hair to bring the line in different ways so you can comb it in different ways as it grows.

6. Cut it often: Cut every 6 weeks, and cut every 3 months. Since short hair tends to grow in a mushroom shape and does not always look pretty.

7. Low temperature: In iron and tongs, since in addition to mistreating the hair, having it short can hurt your scalp.

8. Daily wash: It is generally recommended that hair is not washed daily, but short hair is a bit the exception. As the tips are so close to the root, it can become more greasy and dirty than normal.

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Tips to take care of short hair
Tips to take care of short hair

With these tips you will have the most beautiful short hair and care of life, so they do not say that short hair does not shine.


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