Selena Gomez seeing Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez seeing Justin Bieber

1To speak badly of him

Perrie Edwards wrote a song where it left badly unemployed to Zayn Malik, and although the song was everything a success, she declared that she regretted to continue speaking of a person who no longer was in his life, was to revive the pain again and again!

2Saying that it was not enough

Ryan McCartan felt terrible when Dove Cameron confessed to his fans through Twitter that he was never enough for her, that nobody deserves it, some people are not made for each other, but that does not mean they are not worth it.

3Running into the arms of another

Taylor Swift faith criticized by millions of fans when a few days after having ended his relationship with Calvin Harris, he was already kissing Tom Hiddleston !, if you like another guy is not bad, but wait A little before starting another relationship, your heart will thank you.

4Walking with his best friend

Greg Sulkin felt betrayed when he realized that his ex Bella Thorne, was dating her best friend Tyler Posey a few days after it was over, it’s not cool to damage a friendship, and if they really want, it is better to talk about things when the wounds are not so open.

6Talking badly about his new girlfriend

Bella Hadid suffered so much when she saw The Weeknd with Selena Gomez, that she began to say that Sel was the worst of the friends and even told The Weeknd to be careful with her, she just wanted to use it ! The model only showed how jealous she was.

7Harassing him or stalking him all the time

Ariana Grande was the victim of harassment and threats from her ex-boyfriend Jai Brooks, and even accused her of being unfaithful!, Ari put him in his place assuring that although he threatened her, he would not return with him, Jai was like a slob!

8Change personality

It’s fine that you want to make a change of look, but transform completely as Miley Cyrus did when it ended with Liam Hemsworth, it’s out of place! Do not let the pain transform you into someone you’re not.


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