Super happy girl secrets
Super happy girl secrets

Many times we want to start living a healthier and more pleasant life and we think that to achieve this we must make big changes that will complicate our lives, but in reality it is not like that.

Here we will tell you some essential secrets so that you feel more flat and happy, you will see that you will notice the change!

1Start the day relaxed

Try to fall asleep as early as possible in order to get up in the same way, so you can have time to have breakfast sitting, read the news and get ready in a quiet way. You will notice that you will be more animated and with more energy during the day.


We know you have busy days and you stop exercising, but with that you dedicate a small space of your day to do an activity that you like in which you exercise, you will notice the difference immediately. Since you will release endorphins, you will strengthen the immune system and you will feel fuller and healthier with your body.

3Eat healthy

It will always be better to opt for natural foods, processed foods have a lot of chemicals that are not very good for your body. Nothing better as something freshly made naturally.

5Learn to listen to your body

What do we mean by this? What you should know how to listen to when your body tells you! You must stop eating when you are satisfied, exercise when your body asks for it and know your limits perfectly so as not to damage your body.

6Hi Vegetables

You must include the vegetables in your daily meals, they contain nutrients that your body needs to work to the maximum and give the best during the day.


Even if you’re having a heavy day, smile! There is nothing that has no solution and with a positive attitude everything will be better.

8Be grateful

Stop complaining about what you do not have and better think about everything you do and thank them. Many times we forget to do it and we do not realize how much we have in our life and around it in both small and large things.


Our weeks are sometimes very stressed by the school, you should know how to listen to your body when you are tired and not continue. Stay one day at home to relax and disconnect from your whole body will appreciate it.

Remember that in life there will always be good and bad times, but following these tips, we assure you that you can maintain a good balance to be a super happy woman.

EXTRA TIP: Listen to music!

It is proven that when you listen to happy music and sing, your body releases substances that make you feel happy. eye! It is not worth listening to your playlist with which you cry every time a sad movie. It must be music that puts you in a good mood!

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