Teenage girls do little physical activity
Teenage girls do little physical activity

According to a study endorsed by the Superior Council of Sports and published in the portal Faros for the promotion of health and child welfare of the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital in Barcelona, eight out of ten girls and adolescents have less physical activity than recommended by the World Health Organization. The WHO establishes that between 5 and 17 years, it is necessary to spend at least one hour a day, three times a week, to practice exercise and activities that strengthen the muscles.

What problems can it cause in the long term?

The research shows that girls who do not practice any physical activity or decide to leave early can have negative effects on their health throughout their lives. There are several studies that confirm that physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as obesity, diabetes, some types of cancer (breast, lung, colon and endometrial cancer) and osteoporosis.

Likewise, the exercise can also become an important factor in the fight against drugs. By providing psychological benefits, improves self-esteem, reduces levels of anxiety and stress, prevents depression and helps establish social relationships.

The support of the school and families is very important

Girls and adolescents are at a very vulnerable age, in which any support from families and schools can help them to promote themselves in some sport. The authors of the study confirm that during recess is the perfect time to encourage play and physical activity. It is the school that should turn to perform common tasks between recess and the subject of physical education.
In addition, they launch as an idea to modify the design of the playgrounds, make the gym available to students during recess and give a new meaning to physical education. Teachers should reinvent themselves and give value to the female sector in sports, as well as stimulate competition against sport and stereotypes. Girls can also play soccer, for example.

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As for the families, they propose that activities be carried out in common and that girls be encouraged to sign up for physical activities. They should be clear that sports do not understand sex and parents have to be the first to motivate their daughters.

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