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7 tips to achieve a breast orgasm

Give your partner an intense and different orgasm by correctly stimulating her nipples.

Breast Orgasm
Stimulate your partner’s breasts and take her to the climax.

Maybe you did not know, but it is possible to give a woman an orgasm caressing her breasts. This is because anatomically the sinuses and the uterus are connected. By sexually stimulating the breasts, your partner will experience certain sensations in the uterine muscles, which, added to the movements of penetration, will increase your pleasure.

Therefore, if you want to give your partner the greatest sexual pleasure, we offer you the following tips:

1. Caress the haloes

When caressing your partner you should do it with the tip of the yolks, very gently, until the nipple is erect.

2. Combined movements

With the tip of your tongue runs the area that goes from the clavicle to the breasts and their edges. At the same time, continue stroking the other breast of your partner, with the tips of your fingers.

3. Hands on the breasts

Simultaneously, place one hand on each breast and use all your fingers to give small touches. Then, gently press the breast from bottom to top and from the end to the center.

4. Do not you dare bite them

The more excited your partner is, the more sensitive your whole body is especially to your breasts, so if you are going to nibble on her breasts, do not let her go and give her the whole tooth.

5. Leave it with desire

Slowly sucks her breasts, like ice cream. Then, for a moment, your partner will surely ask you to repeat, while doing so do not forget to caress the breasts in circular movements, with your fingers.

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6. The most favorable sexual poses

One of the poses that most favors the orgasm of breasts, is the Cowgirl, because they allow to kiss and caress the breasts during sex.
Also, you can do it in a variant of the puppy, so you can caress her breasts.

7. Pay attention to your reactions

As you stimulate your partner, you should be aware of what kind of caress that excites him most. When you discover what it is, repeat it increasing its intensity to bring it to orgasm.


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