Tips make you last longer in bed
Learn to control your orgasms to enjoy sex with your partner for longer.

Premature ejaculation is a problem that almost all men have faced at some point in their lives. It happens while you are having sex with your partner, it is very embarrassing because it makes you seem inexperienced, increases your insecurity and in particular situations (as when you are with a casual partner, one night) can be a mockery.

However, this situation can be controlled and overcome in different ways, here we present the most effective, which you have to put into practice already.

1. Exercise those muscles

A very effective exercise that will allow you to control your ejaculation during sex , is to expand and contract the muscles of the area, while urinating. Start trying to stop the urine output, contract the muscles for 10 seconds and let go. Repeat this exercise every time you urinate.

2. Less penetration and more game

Although the sensation of entering your partner is very delicious and pleasurable, you must delay and spend time to stimulate others of their erogenous zones with your penis. How can it be to press the entrance of her clitoris with the tip of your member.

3. Previous masturbation as a tool

You can use masturbation to practice controlling your orgasm and ejaculation. This consists of masturbating until you reach the limit and stop right at that moment. This technique known as “binding”, is best practiced alone for a while before putting it into practice during sex with your partner.

4. Squeeze the head

When you feel that you are about to ejaculate, take your penis and squeeze it under the head, this movement will allow you to suppress the desire to ejaculate.

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5. Concentrate on your partner

Stimulates your erogenous zones to bring it to orgasm. Use your mouth, fingers or even sex toys, once you get your partner to come, you will feel more relaxed and less pressured by having a good sexual performance.

6. Use the correct condom

In the market there are many varieties of condom, so we recommend you look for those with retardant and extra thick effect that decrease the sensitivity of the penis.

7. Professional help

Before venturing for miracle pills and anesthetic creams, consult a urologist, to find the source of the problem and the best way to solve it. The sooner you visit, the closer you will be to enjoy intense and prolonged sex sessions.

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