Your ex wants another chance
Your ex wants another chance

Maybe that guy has noticed the amazing girl he let go and is super desperate to return to your arms.

Check these signs that your ex wants to return to your side:

1. Do not stop looking for you: This could literally be spent by denajo of the stones, leaves you messages in all your profiles, writes to you by whatsapp, calls you and even looks for any excuse to go to your house.

2. Ask for you: Your schoolmates and best friends have told you that he always asks for you under the pretext of knowing how you are, but in reality he dies to know if you are still without beau.

3. He is the sweetest in the world: When he sees you, he does not lose the chance to behave super chivalrous and attentive, he does not just want you to remember how nice he can be, he wants to earn your trust again!

4. He apologizes: Obviously he knows he made a mistake in letting you go, so he does not hesitate to show repentance and lose forgiveness for what he did not do, obviously all his words will be accompanied by beautiful details.

5. He wants to see you at any cost: Look for any pretext to see you, and when he finally gets it, he will not think twice to tell you how much he extols you.

6. He can not stop seeing you: And he does the impossible because his eyes meet.

7. Do not forget to remember the beautiful moments they lived: Take every opportunity to tell you about those beautiful moments they spent together, and obviously tells you that you miss them and would love to relive them.

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Would you be willing to give it another chance?

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