Netflix Psychopaths Movies
Netflix Psychopaths Movies

Currently, streaming platforms have become our daily bread, because they have revolutionized the way we consume movies and television. Netflix is ​​a great example, because it has brought great original releases and a wide and varied catalog, although lately it has filled us with bad news such as the disappearance of certain series such as How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family and the definitive cancellation of Sense 8 just weeks after the second season came to light.

In addition, Netflix has warned that it will begin to take great risks and we have seen it with the elimination of good quality productions, interesting topics and the arrival of content that opt ​​for simplicity as El Chapo.

However, there is still much to see, it has not been the end of Netflix, far from it, so before we are going to remove the next content, we want to show you some series and movies of serial killers that hide and develop extremely intense frames and dark and that will entertain you very much.

1American psychopath

American psychopath is the story of Patrick Bateman, who grew up in New York around the 80s and who absorbed the most sordid values ​​of the decade. He is a man of good looks, educated, attractive, exquisite taste, great style and social status.

However, Bateman has everything a person could despise: superficiality, emotional and family detachment, etc. And, of course, that’s not all, but the protagonist has a completely different life from serial killer. The main character enjoys sadism, sex, subjection, and pop music.

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Michael C. Hall is the protagonist of the series that goes by name: Dexter. Without a doubt it is one of the best series you could find on Netflix about serial killers, because it tells the story of a man who as a child witnessed an extremely traumatic event, which left him very thirsty to kill.

By presenting some clues to his taste for killing, his father teaches him codes so that he can channel his murderous spirit to good. Therefore, Dexter only focuses on killing criminals, he advances to the police to be able to do it, but he does not really care about good or evil, nor does he do it for justice.

3Bates Motel

Norman Bates is a boy of 17 years, intelligent, reserved, shy and sometimes funny. She has a super deep and close bond with her mother Norma Bates and everything starts when they involuntarily move from town. Little by little it is becoming the iconic Norman Bates represented in the popular Psycho movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


From hobbit to psychopath, Elijah Wood stars in this film worth mentioning. It tells a simple story in which a psychopath, bipolar and oedipal complex, is traumatized by the memory of his mother, who was too sexually active.

The killer owns a mannequin shop (which makes it even weirder) and is dedicated to following beautiful women to kill them and then tearing their hair with the argument that it is the only part of the human being that lasts forever.


It is a horror movie starring Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Jennifer Lim and Eythor Gudjonsson. Its premiere was censored in many countries, given the nature of its plot. It should be noted that she was sponsored by Quentin Tarantino, so with that we say a lot.

It is, without a doubt, a full-length film full of crudeness, violence, torture and blood; In addition, the most disturbing is that it is based on real events. The story goes around three young people who decide to travel to Europe in search of sex, drugs, alcohol, fun, etc, but then they are involved in something unimaginable…

7Texas Chainsaw 3D

A young girl inherits a house from a grandmother she did not know existed, so she goes in search of her origins with her friends. Afterwards, he realizes that he owns a huge estate, but his wealth will cost, because in the house he will find nothing but horror.

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