Science Fiction movies Series
Science Fiction movies Series

Let’s face it, science fiction is our thing. It is a genre directly linked to our technological soul and our Geek DNA. Exactly for all the technological advances of the cone is that the genre has gained great power and in fact of the 10 highest grossing films in history, at least 6 are just from this cinematographic side.

The boom of the streaming platforms has not missed this mine of fans unnoticed and has worked hard to offer more and better exclusive series of science fiction, fortunately our compadres of Chilango made a top ten of the 10 that you can not miss so that you are updating:


Available at: HBO, HBO GO

The amusement park with thousands of hyperrealistic robots was so successful that it already premiered its second season on April 22. For many, his analysis of the human condition in extreme moments is what has been the key to his success. With very dark characters, Westworld is exclusive to HBO and is already one of the favorites of millions of fans.


Available at: Paramount Channel, HULU

There is no television content that is as relevant as this series starring Elisabeth Moss. It has an impeccable production design and a technical and artistic perfection that has made it the creditor of several important prizes. But it is the chilling theme that Margaret Atwood imagined that gives her her power. The second season premiered this April 25 for Hulu, although it is not yet confirmed when Mexico will arrive. One of the must-see science fiction series.

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3Black Mirror

Available in: Netflix

This one does not need a presentation, one of the great science fiction titles of recent times. The anthology created by Charlie Brooker called into question the general perception of technological advances, of something intrinsically good, something extremely dangerous and that reduces the human to a pragmatic and cold nature. Here we are shown realities that are scary because we see ourselves reflected in them. The fourth season had few chapters celebrated, but Netflix already renewed it for a fifth installment.

4Orphan Black

Available at: BBC America or Netflix

Nature or parenting? This is the riddle that Orphan Black seeks to solve through a pure science fiction style. The “crazy science” accompanies the most talented Tatiana Maslany, who for more than five years gave birth to more than a dozen characters, each with its own identity. The secondary cast has just completed a solid series that is worth exploring.

5Mr. Robot

Available at: Amazon Prime (the first two seasons only)

The series starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater and created by Sam Esmail is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a talented hacker recruited by a kind of cybernetic revolutionary to destroy voracious multinational entrepreneurs who want to take over the world. This year he goes for his fourth season.


Available in: Netflix and in FX

A patient suffering from schizophrenia must face the idea that the voices he hears in his head can be real. It is part of the Universe of Marvel series.

7The Man in the High Castle

Available at: Amazon Prime

Its premise is sublime: What would the world be like today if the Nazis had won the Second World War? It is the adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel and they have only completed two seasons and are already in the third.


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