The aging of the skin
The aging of the skin

The skin of the face is exposed, continuously, to external damages. And it supports both exposure to the sun in summer, and the cold winter temperatures. Not taking care of it properly can make it look older and dull. There are a number of habits that result in a bad appearance of the skin. We tell you 7 of them.

7 Habits that accelerate the aging of the skin

1. Not enough rest

Adequate rest is necessary for the regeneration of the skin. There are no strict hours of sleep to be rested the next day. Some people need more sleep than others. But the ideal is between seven and nine hours. In this way, your face will appear without signs of fatigue, such as swelling or dark circles.

2. Carry a bad diet

The healthy diet is essential for all aspects of health in all its aspects. Ingesting the basic nutrients is necessary for the body to function. As you could not be otherwise, the good appearance of the skin needs healthy foods. Remember that we are what we eat. Therefore, eating a diet rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats and proteins is paramount.

3. Do not use sunscreen

Sunscreen should be part of our routine of care and beauty throughout the year, regardless of whether there is a scorching sun or not. Of course, with direct exposure to it, we should increase the level of protection. And is that the sun is one of the allies and, at the same time, enemies of our skin. It can cause serious consequences if we do not take care of ourselves in front of it.

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4. Having a bad care routine

The daily cleaning of the face is mandatory. When we lie down, the skin has to be clean. Use a cleansing gel and gentle touches of micellar or thermal water every night to remove dirt and traces of makeup. Thus, the skin can breathe and regenerate properly.

5. Drink little water

Forget about sugary and canned drinks. Always opt for water, infusions, natural juices or vegetable broths. We can not claim perfect skin, if we do not respect the needs of our body. Therefore, stay hydrated and leave the harmful products aside.

6. Sedentary lifestyle

Physical exercise and active vita habits are very necessary for health in general and, also, for the appearance of our skin. There is no comparison if we observe the skin of someone who does not move, who feeds poorly, who does not hydrate properly…; to the skin of someone who cares for their diet, who drinks a lot of water, who practices exercise every day… Do not think about it anymore, the time is now! Which group do you want to belong to?

7. Tobacco

Smoking accentuates wrinkles, spoils the contour of the mouth, changes facial features, dirties the skin and makes it look dull and lifeless. And this, is only a small portion of the amount of damage that can cause such a harmful habit. Therefore, if you want to be healthy and reflect it on your skin, step one is quitting smoking.

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