Fun facts about dreams
Fun facts about dreams

Have you ever wondered why you forget what you dream or why do you dream such strange things? Well after reading these curious facts about dreams, several of your questions will be resolved.

1All people dream

It is proven that all human beings have dreams, indeed, there are scientists who say that even dogs dream.

2We only dream of people we know

Has it happened to you that you wake up and feel that you dreamed of someone you had never seen? Well it turns out that at some point in your life you had seen that person and his face remained stored in your memory.

3Not all our dreams are in color

Approximately 2 out of 10 dreams we have are in black and white and there are also people who never dream of color.

4When we wake up we forget half of what we dream

When you wake up, you forget 50% of your dreams and after 5 minutes you have 90% of what you dreamed.

5We can communicate through our dreams

There are studies that prove that in a certain way we can transmit messages to another person through dreams.

6You can dream more than once a night

Science says you can have 4 to 7 dreams per night.

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