Becca Tilley stagecoach Instagram
Becca Tilley stagecoach Instagram

If someone knows how to create an account that everyone will follow, they are the influencers. And is that these experts in social networks know exactly what you should do to win fans around the world. That’s why we bring 10 tips that several influencers gave to become an unforgettable Instagram user:

Choose your words intelligently

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Chidera, known on Instagram as @theslumflower says: “Keep a short, effective and recent biography, direct visitors to your website or relevant work that you have done, and use few emojis! For your captions, do not Force it because your audience expects different types of titles It’s always good to use your legend to remind others how wonderful they are if you do not know what to say. ”

Get the most out of natural light

@Samanthamariaofficial has almost 600 thousand followers, and for this Youtuber, the ideal is to take pictures in broad daylight. “I used to take my OOTD photos in front of the mirror, but now I prefer to ask someone to help me make them, I like the background I use reflects the area where I am, and a sunny day is always better for a vibrant shot.”

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Involve your audience

This is the tip of the model plus size @FelicityHayward , since for her a mix of videos, content, boomerangs, photos and even surveys are key to success. “I want my followers to feel that they are part of my life.”

Choose the right background

@AnisaSojka , a Czech who lives in London and with 44 thousand followers, the place where you take the photo is as important as the look. “If you want your outfit to excel, avoid dark walls if you’re dressed in black, or face an unnoticed backdrop if you have flashy garments and vice versa.”

Be authentic

“I know it sounds cliché, but being yourself is the best way to shine online.” There is a habit in the industry of following trends in the type of publications, what filters to use, but being yourself and being real is what people want. What I write in my photos I do in the subway from my iphone, it comes from the heart and I’m not afraid to be honest “says @ CallieThorpe to have a connected audience.

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Stick to a theme

It is the tip of the travel influencers and couple Onyi and Craig, known in networks as @mossonyi. “Find a theme that you like and always keep the same format, it can be using the same colors or filters, or posting things that relate to a specific niche, be it fashion, food or travel.”

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