Your makeup is of poor quality
Your makeup is of poor quality

Investing in good makeup should be your priority if you want to look beautiful and take care of your skin at the same time.

A poor quality makeup can cause severe damage to your skin, identify if the products you are using are not correct with these tips:

1You have a rash

The irritation or rashes on your skin could be because your skin is allergic to any of the components of the products, these can be fragrances or acrylics that have that effect. Find one that is more friendly with your skin.

2Your skin becomes dehydrated

If you feel your skin too stretched or plasticized, it could be because the products you use prevent your face from releasing its natural oils, causing dehydration and even irritation in your skin.

3Excess fat

The opposite could also happen to the previous point, your makeup could cause your skin to produce excess oils, and this causes an excessive shine and greasy sensation.

4You lose facial hair

Some products of low quality contain metal residues that burn the hair and cause its fall, they can even leave spots on your skin.

5Scaled skin

When you use several products, acids are mixed that could damage your skin directly, this causes it to peel, some even leave stains that have the appearance of being ripe.

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