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6 Qualities that you look for in a boy, and that really are not important for the relationship to work!

Searching for perfection will never give you happiness

Mia Hall and Adam Wilde
Mia Hall and Adam Wilde

We all dream of our prince charming, and we spend all our life looking for the perfect boy, we have engraved in our minds the characteristics we want him to have; However, that does not always work, because in seeking perfection, we are missing out on meeting wonderful people, and most importantly, of a dream relationship!

Check out the things that we look for in our ideal boy and that really do not matter so much to be happy:

1. Similar interests: Having things in common is super important, but if you spend it looking for a replica of yourself because you think that only in this way you will understand each other perfectly, you are wrong, the differences make the relationship more versatile and fun , You could miss out on extraordinary adventures !, do not close!

2. Gentleman: It’s nice that your boy is attentive, but it’s not the most important thing, the one that opens the car door does not mean he’s a good person, that can be pure appearance.

3. Fun: The fact that a boy is serious, does not mean he has no sense of humor, we all have it, in addition to passing it by making himself funny and funny, does not mean that your relationship will be the best.

4. That is your best friend: That would be wonderful, but it does not always happen, do not let go to a boy just because he was not your friend first, the friendship between you and that boy will be given as the relationship progresses.

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5. The most handsome: It is true that love comes through the eyes, but not always the most gallant in the room is the right one, sometimes even they are the most lustful, do not deny the opportunity to someone just because it is not so attractive.

6. Spontaneous: Having an adventurous boyfriend should be exciting, your relationship will be full of adventures, but many times they are also impatient and even a little rough boys.

Let life surprise you!


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