13 Things you did not know about Jacob Elordi, your handsome crush from 'The Kissing Booth'
6 Fun facts from The Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth has become one of the most successful movies of the summer, it is the coolest story that tells the beautiful friendship between Elle and Lee, and that is in danger when she falls in love with the brother of his best friend, Noah

Sequel The Kissing Booth
Sequel The Kissing Booth
According to Netflix, 30% of the people who watch the movie, see it again, but the interesting thing is the story behind The Kissing Booth!

Check out these curious facts that you probably did not know:

1. The story was created by Beth Reekles when she was just 15 years old.

2. Beth decided to share her story on an internet portal, where amateur writers shared their stories, some original and others based on existing characters (fan-fiction).

3. The writer unveiled the story of Noah, Elle and Lee progressively, that is, chapter by chapter.

4. When the story was published in its entirety, the incredible comments of the readers caught the attention of the publisher Random House, who contacted Beth to publish the story on paper.

Joey King and Jacob Elordi
Joey King and Jacob Elordi
5. For the year 2012, The Kissign Booth became a great publishing success, two years later, the vinylist Vince Marcello was hired to make the film adaptation.

6. In 2016 Netflix took over the rights to produce the film, and by the summer of 2018, we could already enjoy The Kissing Booth!

The Kissing Booth may have gone unnoticed on that internet portal, but it’s amazing how it became a success, not only editorial, but also cinematographic.

Joey King and Joel Courtney friends in real life
Joey King and Joel Courtney friends in real life

What do you like most about The Kissing Booth?

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