Intel drone show independence day
Intel drone show independence day

This 4th of July will prove to be somewhat different from previous, since it will use 500 instead of using the usual and dazzling fireworks, drones Company Shooting Star Intel to give the usual show.

With the same scoop of illuminating the sky to celebrate the iconic date and commemorate the 75th anniversary of Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, California, with active military personnel and veterans, it was decided that the drones are the stars of the show in some cities of the American country.

The regions of the nation that will see the devices fly through the air, will be California, Colorado and Arizona, as the governments of these areas are concerned about the danger of wildfires that can be unleashed in this dry season.

Intel drones illuminated Lady Gaga's performance
Intel drones illuminated Lady Gaga’s performance

This new way of celebrating, also arises to avoid the tremendous stress suffered by animals, especially dogs, when they carry out this type of shows that include a lot of noise when exploding in the sky.

The person who will guide the drones, will do so from a control platform that prepares the path that each of the devices will have and this is given thanks to the GPS they have inside, which will keep them in place to avoid collisions between them.

The implementation of this project, serves so that many more people can enjoy the air show without having to worry about taking any risk; In the same way, one more step is taken towards the modernity that is consuming the world.

The idea was inspired by the Pyeonchang Winter Olympic Games that were held in February of this year, where 1,200 drones were used with LED lights to make different figures in the sky.

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Also, the drones that will be used are the same ones that can be seen in the Christmas shows offered by Disney World and even in the Super Bowl.

The presentation of the drones will begin at 9:00 p.m.


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