How to pass photos of an iphone to computer pc
How to pass photos of an iphone to computer pc

How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a PC

Although we are accustomed to using more or less manual methods in order to transfer our photographs and videos from the mobile to a PC, the truth is that there are many ways to perform the same operation. There are also many reasons why we would not want to store this information on the iPhone.

Using a Mac to transfer information is simple. The bad thing is that in Windows there are not so many tools to copy the data from one place to another. In many cases we will have to use external tools.

1Passing photos with Windows Explorer

The Windows Explorer is a very simple tool to copy our data between devices. Although in this case we will need to install additional drivers in order to move the information:

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB or Lightning cable. You will have to unlock the device using the unlock code, with Touch ID or Face ID. If the phone asks you to trust the device, check the option Trust.
  • The Windows operating system will install the necessary drivers for the connection between the two devices.
    When the installation of the drivers is finished, a new window will appear in which you will be offered the possibility of importing the images using the Windows Explorer. Give this option.
  • In the new window, select the DCIM folder.
  • In this route you can find the photographs that you can copy. You only have to select them, copy them with a right mouse click and paste them in the route you want.
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2Passing photos with the Windows import tool

The Windows import tool is one of the simplest tools you will find for the task we have. One of the most important reasons to keep in mind is that it is pre-installed in Microsoft operating systems. However, there is also a bad news: we can not navigate between the contents and individually choose the images and videos that we want to save on the computers. We will have to import everything.

First of all, connect the iPhone to the computer, install the drivers, if necessary, and follow these steps:

  • After connecting the phone, a new window will appear on the screen. Select the option “Import images and videos“.
  • The computer will search all the contents that can be imported. After this, click on “Import Settings” and select the folder in which you want to save the files. You can also choose the title format of the files, or label the images following a certain line.
  • Do click on “Import“.

3How to pass photos using iTunes

iTunes is the official application that Apple publishes in order to interact with our iPhone. We are talking about a project that is also available for Windows, so we can install it in this operating system.

Passing the photos is as simple as using the menus you will find in the application and giving the option of multimedia content . Then, you just need to follow the steps indicated.

4Transferring photos using the cloud

The services cloud storage have many utilities, apart from the storage of content on the Internet. For example, we can make backup copies of the files that we have stored in the devices.

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On the other hand, we also use to pass photos and multimedia content between an iPhone and a computerYou only have to save these materials in any storage service in the cloud, to later access with the computer and download them again. The process is relatively simple and is usually done automatically using the corresponding official applications.

We have to say that there are many storage services in the cloud. Each of them offers its own characteristics, so we recommend checking them and selecting the one that best suits what you need.

5Pass the photos using an external computer program

Finally, to say that there are many external programs that have nothing to do with the previous alternatives, but that will also serve to transfer your photos between devices . In this case there are many options to choose from, such as AnyTrans, CopyTrans or Dr. Fone. The choice depends on what you need to transfer the contents.

Pass the photos, something easy and automatic

Transferring content between devices is something more and more normal and, at the same time, easier and easier, so you should not have major problems using the tools we have talked about. Do not forget, in any case, that the same operation can be carried out in order to make backup copies of the data that you have saved. In some cases the tools themselves allow backups of the devices.

Of course, after copying or transferring the data, check that the operation has been carried out correctly.

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