How NOT to make an advertisement to sell a second-hand mobile
How NOT to make an advertisement to sell a second-hand mobile

It does not fail: it is enough for us to make a smartphone with our eyes so that we feel like taking it home. Those who report all the news contribute to this, although we also fall into our own trap: I usually renew my phone more often than I should. First because I need to be up to date to talk about all the software that appears, second because I’m a bit capricious. Well, I admit that enough.

There is no need to change with a relative frequency of mobile phones because it is not necessary: a current mid-range smartphone can stand quietly for more than two years. And if we change it, it is convenient to sell the old one so that another person can take advantage of it. There’s the first trick: sell one to buy another and make the purchase profitable.

I recommend selling the old mobile because, as I said, someone else can take advantage of it. Of course, always at its fair price because Wallapop and the like can become a nest for profiteers. So, how to get a good price for our second hand mobile? Here are the five tricks that I always put into practice.

Save everything from the new mobile: box, accessories, invoice…

This is essential since the value of the second hand rises as you dispose of everything that the mobile brought. I always recommend saving the packaging of the technology you buy: not only can you sell it at a better price, you will also have the manuals and accessories controlled. And another tip within this point: keep the ticket  always in the box, you will not break your head looking for it.

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Choose the new mobile of the highest possible capacity

The difference between selling a basic phone and a higher-capacity phone can cause you to win or lose money. You should always keep certain considerations when purchasing a new device: choose the one with the highest capacity, the one that is more limited and the one with more power. As long as the difference with the normal model is not exaggerated, of course.

Refrain from buying too weird phones

Never buy a mobile thinking about resale: you must value its use and that the smartphone satisfies you on a personal level. However, it is not the same to sell a little known brand that sell a Samsung, for example. If you know that you are going to renew your phone within two years, evaluate the model and the brand well: you will appreciate it in the future.

Sell ​​it on as many platforms as possible and at a price slightly higher than what you want to charge

Greed is not appropriate when selling Wallapop, eBay, Vibbo or even through social networks: you must ask for a fair price from the start. Of course, just does not mean bargain, so be consistent with the product and ask for just a little more than you think is convenient. Look at other mobile phones in their same conditions, value the new price you currently have… You should always leave a certain space to haggle: it will be easier for you to sell it since you will give some land to the buyer. You will win both.

Always offer a return guarantee and support

Giving guarantees to the buyer is important since he is usually the most fragile part of the tacit contract of the sale, especially if it is done remotely. Never send before you have paid and by means where you can not revoke the transaction (the transfer or a direct shipment of PayPal are good methods), delivery in the shortest possible time, with tracking number and giving a return guarantee. If the buyer is calm you will get more money in exchange for the used mobile. And, by extension, also better opinions a posteriori.

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Do you usually sell through Wallapop and the like? Not only is it a good way to amortize purchases, they also allow you to get smartphones at better prices than new ones. Despite the bad reviews that usually have, I always recommend the second hand, both to sell and to buy.

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