Reason you go up weight on age
Reason you go up weight on age

We know that the lonjitas are the worst thing that can happen to us in summer, that’s why here we bring you some tricks so you can say goodbye to them without so much work.

1. Avoid drinks with sugar: The best you can do is take natural water or mineral water without flavor.

2. Avoid all Grenache snacks: Those that are like cookies, straws, etc… Better consume seeds, or fruits.

3. Do not use so much cooking oil: And if it’s very necessary… use corn oil.

4. Move 20 minutes a day: You can perform simple activities such as walking, jogging, jumping rope… whatever, but make it cardio.

5. Do not use fat burners: Nor supplements that help you lose weight because if they are not prescribed, in addition to gaining more weight, you can damage your liver and kidneys.

With these simple steps you can get rid of those little girls and you’ll have a spectacular body, it’s all about attitude and a little bit of discipline!

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