What couple should do after sex
What couple should do after sex


He is tired, it is everything. You do not have to think that it was a bad sex or you prefer to dream that being with you, but because men after an orgasm enter a “rest” mode, according to several studies carried out.


Here you should pay attention, because unless it is a matter of great importance, and he will let you know, or else, it is possible that he has been bothered by something during his passionate encounter and needs an escape from reality.

Hug you

100% good love! Even if you do it before you fall asleep, what matters is your need to protect yourself at all times and to show you how much you love you.


Whether it’s what you just lived in bed or some other special subject, it can be a sign of insecurity on your part. You will want to follow a conversation with you to make sure everything is fine.

Get out of bed

A sign that NOTHING is going well, much less if it does not return after a while. There are two options, you were disappointed by your work, or you did not feel chemistry among you.

What else have you noticed that you do after having sex?

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