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5 things about sex that they want to know and that they do not ask you

There are many doubts related to sex that people do not ask because they are embarrassed or embarrassed. Issues related to masturbation, "unexpected noises" and possible feigned orgasms can be issues that are difficult to raise. Do not worry, that's what the experts are for.

Things about sex
Things about sex

1) Is it normal for my boyfriend to pretend orgasms?


We become so obsessed with women pretending orgasms that we can forget that men do too. In fact, quite a few men admit that they occasionally simulate the climax.

A 2016 study published in the magazine ‘Sexual and Relationship Therapy’ states that 30% of men in North America said they had faked at some point.

They can fake orgasm, which does not come by having consumed alcohol or by fatigue, stress and some medications
The sexologist Kat van Kirk ensures that the problems that lead men to fake are the same as those of women. “It’s the same, the capacity for orgasm can be affected by alcohol, fatigue, stress and some medications,” he said.

2) Is it normal for you to prefer anal sex?


The anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, according to sexologist Jessica O’Reilly. “The area is anatomically configured to have amazing orgasms, so if you’ve already experienced it, there’s no surprise that you want to come back for more,” he says. “The nerve endings there make it a receptive erogenous zone,” he adds.

Penetration is not necessary if you are concerned about hygiene: you can use a vibrator or your fingers.

3) Is it normal for my vagina to make noises?


Sudden noises are normal and even inevitable during vaginal sex.

Sometimes, air is introduced into the vagina during intercourse, says Dr. Philippa Kaye, and is pushed by penetration or by changing position, which causes the sound. “There’s nothing to worry about or feel embarrassed about this,” he adds.

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4) I masturbate 5 / week, is it normal?


Women tend to masturbate less often than men, but that does not mean it is more or less healthy.

The 2009 National Survey of Health and Sexual Conduct (NSSHB) at Indiana University found that only 3% of women masturbated more than four times a week, for example.

The heterosexual and bisexual women are more excited with porn videos in which only they leave

The reasons why women do it less than men (17% said they masturbate equally) are unknown, but it is said to improve mood and vaginal strength.

In spite of everything, “masturbation is a common sexual practice among women,” says Dr. Kelly Suschinsky. “They do it for a variety of reasons: to feel sexual pleasure, cope with stress, help them fall asleep or have a sexual outlet while their partner is not available.”

“While this activity is not causing a problem in the relationship or interfering with your wider life, then simply enjoy it,” the expert adds.

5) I see porn and only the girl puts me…


Research has shown that porn viewing habits do not reflect the secret sexual desires of women.

A study conducted by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health at the University of Toronto found that, while male arousal matches their sexual orientation, women showed little preference among different types of pornography.

In other words, women felt equally excited to see heterosexual sex as a female-only sex, regardless of their sexuality.

“In fact, the research found that heterosexual and bisexual women were more excited by videos showing sexual activities with only women,” the study found.


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