Super curious boobs facts
Super curious boobs facts

Maybe when you were growing the bubis you felt a bit of grief and panic, but then you started to love them as much as the rest of your body… Whether you have a lot or a little bust, these are some curious facts you should know about your breasts.

1They are of different sizes

This is super normal. Even if you do not believe it (or see) the body has one arm longer than the other and one leg longer than the other, etc, so having one bubi bigger than the other is normal, especially if they keep growing, They will eventually have a similar size, but never the same. If the difference is very marked, you’d better go with your gynecologist.

2Grow and decrease

If sometimes you see some super bubis, and others seem to have become less, this is also normal! The tissues that contain the breasts, are mostly fat, so your bubs can become bigger or smaller with your weight changes. Also when they are hormonal changes, for example, when you are in your days, the bust tends to grow and then go back to its natural size.

3Sometimes they hurt

Yes, we know, and it’s horrible! Especially when you are in your days or when you exercise. Look for cold compresses to relieve pain and of course, tell bye to the brassiere and better wear a sports top, at least those days when they hurt more.

5Rare balls in the bubis

It is important that you touch your breasts once a month to know them. Here is an explanation of how to do it. The joke is that if you feel strange balls, first of all do not panic! It is proven that most women are formed these balls called cysts, either by hormonal waves or tissues. What you should do is stay alert and watch them. If you see that they change color, shape, hurt you, or any other strange thing, go to your doctor to have an ultrasound done and discard everything.

If you have any doubt about what happens to your body, do not hesitate to consult your mother or a doctor.

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