Beach Sports
Beach Sports

The summer is getting closer and those who have the beach nearby, begin to enjoy it. Some other brave, even, already takes the first bath of the season. Others, take advantage of the weekend, or free days, to spend a few days on the coast. Whatever your situation, there are many fun activities that you can practice on the beach, alone, as a couple or with friends.

Enjoying the arrival of the heat to go to the beach is a great option. But if, in addition, you take advantage to exercise the body, the plan is insurmountable. On the sand, the movements result from a greater intensity , due to the instability of the terrain . Therefore, you will work in a deeper way the musculature, especially the lower train.

Beach sports that you can not miss

1. Voley

It is a perfect plan to have a fun time with friends. If you are not enough, maybe it will be good for you to meet new people! You will be exercising your muscles and working on flexibility, resistance, reflexes and coordination

2. Football

In the same way as volleyball, beach soccer is great to practice with friends. So do not hesitate, specify day and time and beat them in a professional match. If you’re not used to doing it on the sand, do not be surprised that the next day appear the dreadful laces on your legs; symbol that you have worked.

3. Shovels

A classic in beach sports. Choose your opponent and face him, to see who is the best! It’s about having a fun time. If you do it on the shore or in the water, you will provide extra intensity and you will be making a gift to your body. Improves blood circulation, lung capacity, flexibility and coordination. Learn the technique well and ask for advice whenever you need it.

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4. Running

If you are a runner, you have already had this exercise in mind. Well it is an excellent idea because, in addition to the amount of advantages at a physical level, it also has a mental level. Running along the beach brings you the benefits of breathing fresh air, reduces stress and anxiety and relieves accumulated stress.

5. Circuits

An excellent idea, is to take your own material and design a circuit. You can go alone, as a couple or in a group and see who makes the best time. Use cones, rings, ball… everything that is necessary to mount an authentic gymkhana at the height of the best. Do not you think that’s an excellent idea? Start the day with a circuit of the difficulty that you consider, a good cold water bath and a picnic in the sun. Where do we sign?

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