Signs to need exercise
Signs to need exercise

Although we do not like it, it is super important to include an exercise routine in our daily life, since sendetarism causes serious health problems.

When sedentary life begins to cause damage, our body gives us the signs that it is time to start exercising, check:

1. The scale does not lie: Not having a physical activity leads you to climb 2 to 5 kilos in a short time, take care of your weight!

2. You feel tired: The lack of exercise puts you down and super tired, because there is no activity that puts into motion the circulation of energy, get moving!

3. You’re sad: If nothing motivates you lately, surely you need to do a physical activity, because exercise releases endorphins, which are responsible for the feeling of happiness.

4. Stress takes over: It is not only the excess of homework and school work that has you stressed, the lack of physical activity also keeps you in a bad mood.

5. Do not sleep well: When you exercise you feel super relaxed, happy and free of tension, which will help you sleep much better and forget about insomnia.

Do not overlook all the benefits of exercise for your health, take action and take care of your body and health!

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