Kardashian family
Kardashian family

Children can be unfaithful to their girlfriends for various reasons anywhere in the world. Check this list to see if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

1It is distant.

If you notice that lately you do not dial by phone or simply cancel the plans at the last minute, it is likely that you are trying to get away from you, because you want to be closer to someone else.

2Insensitive to everything.

He forgets the plans they had and does not even apologize. Most likely, he does not care about your feelings because he is thinking about someone else.

3You can not contact him.

If you try to call him, he does not answer and none of his friends or family knows where he is, you have to ask him where is he hiding and why?

4He no longer invites you.

If he used to invite you to his soccer games or just to pass the time and he does not do it, he may not want to spend so much time with you or he is inviting someone else.

5Your interests or appearance have changed.

If you now have another taste of music or clothes, you will be doing it to impress that girl.

If all these signs are fulfilled, it is better that you leave and continue with your life. Find someone who makes you (always) happy!

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