Hair Loss Myths
Hair Loss Myths

Hair falling is a concern for many people. We know that depending on the time of year in which we find ourselves, normally in autumn, hair loss increases. Yes, the hair grows, but its total life is about 7 years, in which it is also influenced by hormonal changes or medications.

We should not be alarmed because our hair falls out, because it is something normal and common for it to be replaced. We should worry if it’s too much or too often, so many of the myths you’ve heard so far are probably false. We demystified some of you and confirmed some rumors about hair loss.

Washing your hair every day favors the fall

There are many who are against washing their hair every day, because according to popular belief increases the risk of falling. The reality is that what really matters is the type of shampoo that is applied; If a person has oily hair, it is normal to wash it regularly and with a shampoo suitable for that type of hair. This will reduce the effect of sebum and remain clean longer.

What is true is that oily hair suffers more from hair loss, since fat plugs the orifice of the follicle and does not allow hair to have a normal life cycle.

Pigtails tear hair

Any hairstyle that stretches our hair excessively will help them to get out of the follicle more easily. That is why after training and removing the ponytail, we see that in the rubber band have been a few hairs. It is not convenient to wear tight hairstyles, but this does not mean that pigtails or braids are a bad option to pick up our hair.

  Why does our head hurt more in summer?

What we should do is give him a break and not keep him all day collected.

The  stress is one of the main causes

This is an authentic affirmation. Yes, stress is one of the main causes of alopecia. This state causes hair and melanin to be lost, giving way to gray hair.
If we suffer stress, the hair falls out, and when we fall, our stress increases because we see ourselves suffering from alopecia. We enter a loop, in which the solution is only mental.

Tobacco and alcohol increase the fall

The Alcohol directly affects not to suffer hair loss, but it does with the brightness and dryness. We will notice a less beautiful mane visually and with a tendency to break more easily.

As for tobacco , it is an inconvenience. This substance hinders the transport of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the blood carries throughout our body (including the hair follicle). Experts recommend that smokers increase their consumption of vitamin C, so that the hair does not fall off and “protect” the skin.

The products for the hair, the iron and the dryer are also problematic

Obviously, it is also true. Any external agent that produces changes in our hair, either by temperature or by chemicals, will cause our hair to weaken and end up falling before.

In the case of using gel, wax, lacquer or foams, the risk of falling does not increase. However, the dryer, the tongs or the hair straighteners do break and weaken it.

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