Mistakes in the beauty routine
Mistakes in the beauty routine

When it comes to beauty routines, most of us think that we do it super well, because it is as we have always seen what must be done. On the other hand, you are not the only one who has made a few mistakes in the beauty routine every day.

Check out the beauty mistakes you should stop committing now:

1. Apply the shampoo and conditioner for less than a minute: Most people apply their shampoo just under the shower. Actually, the right way is to apply your shampoo while you massage all your hair, for 3 minutes, so that the shampoo makes its effect on the hair. Remember that for that you bought the anti-dandruff shampoo, for dry hair or the ideal for your hair type.

2. Apply bronzer on the entire face: To tell the truth, when applying bronzer all over the face, you are making a serious mistake, since your neck, arms, hands, etc., look with an uneven tone. The bronzer on the face, has to be applied only in 3 zones; cheekbones, chin and in the line of the forehead. Remember that the sunscreen is only to give a touch of sun to your skin, not to darken your entire face.

3. Use dry shampoo in the morning: We know that dry shampoo can be a lifesaver for you, but applying it in the morning is not the best idea. To maximize the benefit of dry shampoo, try to apply it at night, since your hair will be able to absorb it better. During the night it will help you to distribute it in your hair in a more uniform and natural way.

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4. Application of sunscreen before makeup: When we apply our sunscreen, under all the layers of makeup, we actually make the effect of sunscreen less effective, since many of the ingredients in their makeup products can disturb the film protective of the SPF.

It is VERY important that you apply sunscreen every day and keep your makeup very light. If you prefer to use more makeup, look for one that has high SPF.

5. Apply concealer under the eye in excess: You may have thought that by applying many concealers under your eyes, will save you from seeing those terrible black circles, but it is not. If you apply this product excessively, the appearance that you do not want anyone to see from your eyes will shine much more, as it is a shade lighter than your skin, you remain like a panda. Remember that it has an illuminating effect! Only apply two lightweight concealer under your eyes and do not forget to blur to perfection.

Do not forget to consult a specialist to verify what are the ideal products for your daily beauty routine.

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