Keys Combat flaccidity Cutis
Keys Combat flaccidity Cutis

To show a smooth, firm and firm skin is possible. A proper routine that includes healthy habits, a complete diet and some creams, including massage, may be enough to change the appearance of your skin. Avoid the sagging face with these simple tricks.

We know that, on many occasions, paying attention to mime is complicated when we have so many things to attend to. But do not take this fact as a whim. It is important that you find the necessary time to give yourself the care you need. Otherwise, it can affect your confidence and, subsequently, your self-esteem. Therefore, although wearing the wrinkles of age is a symbol of life and wisdom, we do not have to stop seeing ourselves more favored. Here are some tips so you can combat the flab of your face and feel more vital and rejuvenated.

Keys to combat the flaccidity of the skin

The flaccidity, or it is sagging, is perhaps the feature that more ages, since it can get us to change the features that define us. The drop of the eyelids or the sagging of the cheekbones is what really makes us feel a more aged aspect. However, combating this fact is possible. For this, healthy lifestyle habits, proper nutrition and basic attention in beauty treatments are the magic formula.

1. Habits that you must change

  • Treat your skin delicately. When you dry your face do it with gentle strokes instead of rubbing hard.
  • Try to keep your head up more often.
  • Try to eliminate the stress and nerves that make you frown constantly. Relax and with you, the gestures of your face. Sometimes we think that we have a calm face and, if we realize it, it is in complete tension.
  • Do not rub your eyes or lips hard when removing makeup. Always do it with tenderness and care. The skin around the eyes is more sensitive and weakens if you do not treat it with kindness.
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2. Massage with serum

Before applying the moisturizer, massage your face with a few drops of serum to prevent and / or improve flaccidity. For this, perform an ascending massage with your hands:

  • From the chin skirting the jaw.
  • From the cheeks to the ears.
  • From the eyebrow to the temple through the center of the forehead.

It is very simple and we assure you that the progressive changes are evident.

3. Pinching with care

When you apply the moisturizing or firming cream, do it with gentle pinching with your thumb and forefinger. Do it with the same route as when you put the serum. It begins with the chin, continues through the cheeks and, finally, the forehead.

4. Balanced diet

Not only because of the appearance of your skin, but also because of the state of your health, you forget certain foods. Avoid those high in saturated fats and sugars. Eliminate canned and sugary beverages. Leave aside the industrial bakery and bet on natural foods that provide the necessary nutrients for your health and your skin. Flaccidity has a lot to do with food. It is true that we are what we eat.

5. Cold water and stimulating utensils for the face

Another guideline to eliminate flaccidity is to wash your face with cold water. We know it is more pleasant to do it with hot water, especially in the winter months, but if you want radiant skin, opt for the first option.

Also, get yourself a massager roller, special for the face. These increase the blood microcirculation and the absorption of the active ingredients of the cream. Remember to do it always upwards.

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