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5 good reasons why it’s a good idea to be friends with your ex boyfriend

Maybe you're convinced that it's really a good idea to be friends with your ex-boyfriend!

Friends with your ex boyfriend
Friends with your ex boyfriend

When ending a courtship of years (with which you swore that it was the love of your life) sure your heart feels super hurt. As they say, only time heals wounds, and most likely you do not want to see it anymore, but believe it or not, there are strong reasons why it’s a good idea to be friends with your ex-boyfriend.

Check the 5 best reasons why it is advisable to be friends with your ex!

1. Being friends is much easier than being enemies: For the good times that happened is much healthier to choose to be friends, and leave bad feelings aside. In the future, you will realize that it is very satisfying to know how to forgive and not to hate anyone.

2. They have friends in common: If the courtship that they had, was of years, the most likely thing is that you have thousands of friends in common. At the time of ending the relationship, immediately, the group of friends is divided. It’s not fair to them! It is better that they can continue to live together as a group, and if you do not want to see your ex for a while, do not interfere in the decisions of your friends.

3. You have to show maturity before the situation: Remember that the world goes around a lot, and you may find your ex boyfriend at a party or even on the street. For that same reason, it is better to say hello and not avoid the situation.

4. You have a good relationship with your family: In case the relationship with the family of your ex-boyfriend has been incredible, you probably miss the family conviviality that you had with them. It would not be bad, one day to say hello.

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5. They both know each other too much: When we get too angry about what happened with our ex, we forget how much we loved them during the relationship and how happy we were at their side. Remember that your ex knows you very well, and knows a lot about you. It is preferable to know that you count on him as a friend and not as an enemy.

Put everything on a scale and analyze what weighs more, whether the good times or the bad ones.


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