The health of our teeth
The health of our teeth

Most mortals are terrified of visiting the dentist, it is not only because of the possible cavities that we may have, but because it is quite uncomfortable to try to breathe and swallow saliva with an open mouth. It is normal that throughout your life you have heard a series of myths or home remedies about the health of our teeth, right? To try to throw a little light on all these myths, the College of Dentists and Stomatologists of Valencia has analyzed the most popular.

Cavities always bother

Do not trust yourself if you have not stepped on a dentist’s office for months or years. Cavities or infections can be silent if they stay mainly in the enamel of the teeth. When we notice pain or sensitivity, it is because the caries has touched the nerve and produces contact with sugars, cold or hot drinks. It can even infect the nerve and cause permanent pain.

Going to the periodic reviews will warn us of small silent caries that can only be seen on x-rays.

In addition, it is completely false that those of the milk teeth do not affect the definitive teeth. They are as important as the others and should be treated to have good oral health.

Chewing gum can replace brushing

There are many people who after eating, especially when they are away from home, go to the mint chewing gum to leave a good taste in the mouth and eliminate any food. The reality is that chewing gum generates more saliva and improves the pH of the teeth, but it is never a substitute for brushing or flossing.

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Always wash your teeth and use chewing gum at specific times or once brushing is finished.

Fluoride is not a substitute either

We are tired of watching ads on mouth rinses to prevent cavities. Fluoride should be treated as a complementary method to have good dental hygiene, but it is not a substitute for brushing. Rinsing our mouth with this liquid will not eliminate all the substances that a brush does.

Bad breath is because of the teeth

The lack of oral cleaning can be one of the factors that cause bad breath, of course, but it is not the only one. Occasionally, halitosis is caused by gastrointestinal problems. To locate the root of the problem, it is best that we cleanse the mouth perfectly, eliminating any remaining bacteria and food. If it still persists, we can think about what the real origin may be.

The wisdom teeth must always be extracted

Perhaps they are the dental pieces most hated or feared by any human being. Its appearance can cause pain, and a bad position can lead to infections or tooth sprains. There are also cases in which their birth is totally regular and they do not show any symptom of pain, so it is not necessary to extract them. This is something that the dentist must assess.

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