Have fun exploring your partner's body
Have fun exploring your partner’s body

1. Kisses on the neck

Not only is kissing and biting your partner in that area dracula style, you have to use the whole seduction package. Look at it in the most provocative way you can, as you trace its neck, neck and face with your hands. Then, run your neck with your breath by gently sliding the tip of your tongue.

2. Do not forget your nipples

Some men are more sensitive to this area than others. Try kissing him or squeezing him delicately there. If your partner is addicted to the gym, he caresses his pectorals. Doing it with the tips of your fingers is more seductive.

3. Your fingers in your mouth

That image is very erotic, because they associate it with oral sex. So take advantage of this resource to pass your tongue through your fingers to introduce them completely in your mouth.

4. Kiss your ears

From the neck you can slowly climb to the lobe of your partner’s ear, at that point you can release a moan of pleasure to stimulate it or breathe deeply.

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